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30 Day Challenge

Writer: Tawney

Writer: Tawney

We all have things we want to add to our lives as easily and naturally as brushing our teeth (not flossing). So what’s the trick? Start small. 30 days. The big changes are probably the first to come to mind, but lets be realistic.  Make a list of 10 small things you’d want to add or subtract from your life, then pick one.  Don’t be afraid to pick something “easy”, it turns out doing anything for 30 days that isn’t already part of your routine is tough. Read more

12 Travel Safety Tips

Writer: Tawney

Writer: Tawney

This New York Times Article touched on the recent history and risks of females traveling. It had me re-living all my enjoyable adventures with me, myself, and I.  There is a beauty in the discomfort of solo travel that’s left me with many lessons and many more stories. Read more

The cost of your animal encounter: From San Diego’s SeaWorld to Thailand’s Elephant rides

Writer: Tawney

Writer: Tawney

“Humans are in fact the endangered species, because we’ve stepped out of nature.” David Sheldrick

My desire to squeeze animals of all shapes and sizes didn’t dissipate when I stopped playing with stuffed ones. In fact, I’m officially declaring myself an animal addict and I’m here to confess the mistakes I’ve made and share the lessons of learned in search of my next animal fix. Read more

Nor Cal adventure and the importance of “firsts”

Writer: AJ Murray

Writer: AJ Murray

The morning I left for San Francisco was far from typical. I barely slept that night because once again I was about to experience a first with Camp Zeno! The thought of an RV road trip was beyond any dream of ‘things to experience’ at camp. It would be a journey that would be hard to top, and once again being with my Zeno family would definitely yield me an experience that would last me my lifetime. Read more

LLYOV Holiday Packing Guide

Writer: Kayla

Happy Holidays LLYOVers! We hope this holiday season will bring you a little staycation or vacation! We have rounded up some of our favorite must-haves for your holiday getaways. Snow or Sun, below you will find some our essential cargo for travel: Read more

Sponosored Post: City Breaks in Palma

Piad Post PalmaThe city of Palma is a city often overlooked by tourists as they fly through it desperate to get to their final destination and onto the beach. This oversight is a shame, as the city itself has a fantastic rich culture and atmosphere that is present year round. City breaks are a wonderful way to get to the root of a country, and Palma is no different. Book your flights to Majorca  and discover the heartbeat of Majorca in its capital. Read more

The BIG question… When Do I Deserve a Break?

Writer: Tawney

The BIG question….. When do I deserve a break? I still have so much to do…. but I’m exhausted…. But I haven’t met my deadlines….. but im not really getting any work done…. But I don’t want to use my sick days or vacation days…. But I don’t  know if I’ll EVER use my sick days or vacation days. Read more

ON THE WEB: The Best Resources for Cheap, Free, or Paid Travel

Escape Normal

Found this fantastic article on:

Written by: Jacqueline 

Read more

Fall Into Adventure

Writer: Brenda

In fall of 2010 I had the idea of creating a non-profit to help encourage, organize and fund volunteerism on a global level.  I’d just taken my first trip to India and knew in my heart it was the right thing to be doing at a time when our world needs it most.  Cool.  So what do you do next?  Read more

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