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Road Trips: a love/hate relationship

Writer: Tawney

Road trips allow you to take the wheel of travel time, witness beautiful landscapes with the wind blowing in your hair, save money; all while eating so many sunflower seeds your lips get raw. OR, it can also be the most hellish, claustrophobic, fast food filled torture den depending on how you roll. I’ve done my fair share of roughing it, it can be great, but when it comes to many hours in a small space there are a few must-haves to make your road trip more enjoyable.

Road Trip must-have #1: A really loveable friend. The thought of jumping in a car and covering some major miles with buddies sounds great, but to be frank there are probably very few people in your life that will compliment your road trip style. Choose wisely. Also consider a solo road trip or bring a stuffed animal you can talk to (they aren’t great with directions).







Road Trip must-have #2: A good ol’ fashion map. *Notification* your smart phone google maps does not work everywhere. Highlight your route; take the road less traveled.
IF you do decide to bring your smart phone ☺ download these apps:
Waze- for optional spoken directions, different routes, and user reported traffic
Roadside America- for america’s can’t miss roadside attractions
Trapster- speed trap alerts. Apparently the new version doesn’t work that well but the old version was great so hopefully they fix that right up.

Road Trip must-haves #3: Podcasts. Excuse me for being late to the world of podcasts, but I just drove from California to Nebraska recently and I’m pretty sure they were my sanity. My favs- Radiolab, This American Life, Stuff You Missed in History Class, and anything with Dr. Drew.

Road Trip must-haves #4: Yogitoes skidless mats. You without a doubt need to do some stretching to keep your body happy on the road. Yogitoes mats are great for keeping you from slip sliding on your yoga mat, but guess what? You don’t have to have a yoga mat AND a yogitoes skidless mat can also double as a towel. If you insist on making space for a yoga mat you can also use it for cushion under your sleeping bag! 







Road Trip must-haves #5: Frequent Stops. As nice as it feels to get your final destination it’s SO SO important to make frequent stops. The BEST part about road trips are the off the beaten paths local restaurants, people, and photo ops. Make a commitment with your road trip buddy or buddies at the beginning of your trip to always stop if one of you feels like you should. It doesn’t have to be for long. I enjoy frequent stops for a jumping picture or in a recent road trip through Australia with Zani we choreographed a dance and took video of it everywhere we stopped.

Road Trip must-haves #6: Cleanies~ you should know, Dr bronner’s magic soap will be on every list of necessities I ever make. It can be used for anything and everything; soap, shampoo, toothpaste, laundry soap, to clean fruits and veggies and more!

Another travel must are wipes! I tend to use them in place of a shower and also for TP. A lot of the grocery store wipes can feel full of chemicals…. I suggest Kaianaturals

Road Trip must-haves #7: the maybe not so OBVIOUS obvious stuff
Headlamp, camping gear, trash container, a cooler (not Styrofoam cause it’s the worst thing on the planet) snacks, water (for hydration, less swelling, and toothbrushing), and PATIENCE.

You might also need this :) Roadmaster Scrolling Digital License Plate Frame


enjoy the road!



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